Marijuana Anonymous Convention 2024

Hotel Booking

The convention will be hosted at the DoubleTree San Francisco Airport Hotel conveniently located within minutes of San Francisco International Airport in Burlingame, CA.

Hotel Booking Instructions

The 2024 convention starts on Friday August 30 at 4:00pm and ends on Sunday September 1 around 3:00pm. Please note the following when booking your room nights:

  1. Start by clicking “Book a Room” on the reservation link. On the next screen, at the top, to the far right of “Your Stay” click “EDIT STAY.”  Enter your check-in and check-out days.  If more than one person will occupy the room, change the number of guests as the room rate adds $10 for each additional person’s breakfast.  Click “Update” to confirm your choices.
  2. If you are unsure whether you will have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th person staying in your room, enter the number of guests you expect.  During check-in you can change the number of guests to ensure that everyone who wants a breakfast will get one and your room rate will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Parking is complimentary for all convention attendees. Ignore the self-parking option on the hotel website.
  4. We negotiated a discounted rate of an additional $10/night for upgrades to a limited number of Bay View rooms.  Do NOT select “upgrade your reservation” after booking your room as the upgrade price on the website is higher ($14/night).  Instead, email [email protected] with your name and reservation confirmation number and we will instruct our hotel representative to add this upgrade to your reservation.  First come, first served!
  5. If you want to book nights at the group rate outside of the 8/27-9/4 range, please email [email protected]. We will put you in touch with our hotel representative who may or may not be able to offer our rate for additional days.

Additional Hotel Information

Getting To/From the Hotel:

There’s a 24-hour complimentary shuttle to and from the San Francisco Airport and to the nearest BART station.

On-site complimentary parking is also available for all registered attendees.

Finding a Roommate:

We have created a WhatsApp group for members who are interested in sharing a hotel room with other members to reduce costs. We will not assist members in finding roommates and are not liable for any roommate pairing that occurs via the WhatsApp group. We encourage members to communicate with any potential roommate so that both parties feel safe and comfortable sharing a room during the convention. You may request to join the WhatsApp group by emailing [email protected]