Hosting Future Conventions

The MA Convention is an annual event for members from around the world to gather, support our sobriety, and serve our primary purpose to carry the message to the addicts who still suffer. This information is provided by the MA World Services Conferences and Conventions (CoCo) Committee and will help to support discussion(s) within your meetings and District about serving as host for future Conventions. 

“The MA Convention Host District(s) will be determined two calendar years in advance at the MA World Services Conference.” This timeframe is primarily to secure and negotiate with a venue and/or lodging, but also to have adequate time for fundraising, and to plan the various elements. If Convention Hosts are not determined two calendar years in advance, a District may make its desire known to the Trustees between Conferences to serve as host. The Trustees may vote for interim approval of a Convention Host, which would then be ratified by the Conference Body at the next occurring Conference.  

A District’s group conscience decision to host should come with a willingness to be of service from as many of the District’s members as possible to ensure support during the various stages of the Convention process. The planning process can be supported by members from throughout the fellowship with virtual planning meetings but also require a small number of local members willing to fulfill the key roles and tasks that are required in-person, such as finding a venue. Additionally, many more of the members attending will readily volunteer to help with all types of tasks and duties including hosting workshops and meetings, and during the Convention working the check-in and merchandise areas, set-up and clean-up, etc. 

The Trusted Servants involved in the detailed planning process should be at minimum 6. The following are important duties, each category could be done by one or two people or an entire subcommittee if desired: 

  • Convention Chair/Co-Chairs
  • Treasurer/Fundraising
  • Content Programming/Speaker Seeker
  • Registration/Hospitality
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Merchandise/Decor

Remember you’re not alone! The Conferences and Conventions (CoCo) Committee has dedicated volunteer members who will Service Sponsor your District by providing support and guidance for hosting a great and memorable Convention. 

It is a gift to be of service helping to host and facilitate Conventions that celebrate fellowship and deepen our recovery. Conventions help to bond and unite the Host District, they grow the fellowship and inspire people to start new meetings in service of our primary purpose. Lastly, Conventions help us to connect addict to addict, and remind ourselves we are not a glum lot and sobriety is fun! 

Will your District offer to host future Conventions? For more information about the planning process or any other additional questions you may have, contact the Conferences and Conventions Trustee: [email protected]