The initial scholarship application period closed June 15th, 2024. Learn more about the waitlist below.

We are pleased to announce that we are funding scholarships of varying amounts to 40 recipients. These scholarships were made possible thanks to generous donations from members in our fellowship and fundraising events that occurred over the past few months. All scholarship recipients applied during the official scholarship application period that ended on June 15th.

Scholarship Waitlist

We may offer additional scholarships beginning July 3rd as funds become available. You may apply for the scholarship waiting list by submitting the form below. We cannot guarantee that funds will be available for additional scholarships. 

Scholarships will not be offered after July 31st. Do not register for the convention if you submit your name onto the scholarship waiting list until after you hear back from us. Late registration fees will not apply to waitlisted scholarship applicants.

There are three levels of scholarship available: 50%, 75%, or 100% of the cost of registration. Each person can decide which level of scholarship to request, with no supporting information required. This sliding scale will make it possible to provide more scholarships as some people may not need to ask for full scholarships. We appreciate that members must cover other expenses in order to attend a convention, and trust that those requesting scholarships will consider their needs and choose the level of scholarship that is right for them.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

Scholarship Waitlist
First Name and Last Initial
For those who request full scholarships, we encourage you to give back by doing service during the convention. The volunteer coordinator will take into consideration any physical limitations before assigning tasks and ensure that assignments do not interfere with attending workshops or other key pieces of the convention programing. The total time commitment will not exceed four hours. Leaving this box unchecked will not impact the ability to receive a scholarship.