Marijuana Anonymous Convention 2022


“Every M.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”
– Marijuana Anonymous Tradition Seven

Since our fellowship is non profit and does not seek outside funding, we rely on each other for support. Our fellowship is growing every day, and we have a variety of ways you can support our mission. The convention is a MA World Services (MAWS) fundraiser, any surplus gets donated back to MAWS.


Some of our fellows need assistance paying for convention registration. We have set up a special PayPal Donation link which you can use to contribute to a specially designated fund to help cover those costs. Donations are purely voluntary and are tax deductible.

Scholarship Donation

Convention Costs

While we do our best to calculate all the convention costs and build them into the package prices, sometimes we incur unexpected costs along the way putting together an even such as this. We invite you to chip in a little extra to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Convention Donation