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MA World Convention 2022 FAQ

What is an MA Convention?

The MA World Convention is the annual recovery and social gathering for all of Marijuana Anonymous. It’s not to be confused with the Conference, which is the fellowship’s business meeting held each May. The Convention includes workshops, keynote speakers, MA meetings, a banquet, dance, and a chance to fellowship with up to 120+ members from across the land. It’s a giant sober party and a great opportunity for growth in recovery and personal connections. The 2022 Convention is being held October 7-9th in San Diego, CA (District 20).

I’m new to Marijuana Anonymous. I actually haven’t been able to stop smoking – but I’m trying! Can I still go to the convention? Can I go to the Convention if I’m not even sure I’m an addict?

Yes! The Convention is open to all MA members. Our Third Tradition states: “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using Marijuana.” Even if you’re still smoking and/or you’re not sure if you’re an addict, you are welcome!

Must the hotel booking be purchased separately from Convention registration, and what’s the cost?

Yes, you must book the hotel separately, and standard double occupancy room rates are $149 per night/plus tax. If booking online make sure to use the special hotel link, and use the group code by phone.  NOTE: Our discounted rate is available from October 4 – 12, so feel free to stay and hang out! Also, the rate is guaranteed only through September 23, so please book early!

What is the cost of parking at the hotel?

Parking is available for a reduced rate of $16 per day for all registrants.

Aside from hotel and registration, what else might cost money?

Merchandise such as t-shirts; Raffle; Transportation off-site or hotel parking

In terms of meals, registration includes Friday Dinner and Sunday Lunch.  The DoubleTree hotel has a restaurant and a Starbucks. There are other restaurants nearby, food delivery services are available as well.

What is the Covid policy?

As of August 2022, the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention will abide by all city, county, and state regulations regarding Covid policy. The DoubleTree encourages guests to wear masks regardless of vaccination status, however, it is not required. There is no requirement to provide any proof of vaccination.

What happens to my hotel reservation if I need to cancel due to a positive Covid test?

As of August 2022, the DoubleTree Hotel has the following 72 hour cancellation policy: Guests are required to show proof of a positive test within the 72 hour of the hotel reservation dates to cancel their reservation.

What happens if I cannot attend the Convention and have already registered?

Keeping in mind that the Convention is the annual fundraiser for MA World Services, the convention committee is happy to help figure out what works best on an as needed individual basis.

The options include:

  • Transferring the registration funds to be a donation
  • We acknowledge there may be extenuating circumstances where they above choices are not a feasible option for the member and in that case the planning committee will provide a full refund (less PayPal fees)